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Our job when it comes to representing companies like your business in the area of tax law is to make sure your taxes are properly filed, up to date, all payroll taxes are done properly as well as settle any tax debts on your behalf. Carr Law helps individuals file taxes, resolve tax debt issues, tax preparation and year and planning. We have worked with hundreds of individuals who had tax issues and after working with us those problems are now resolved. There are a lot of different ways we can help you fix your tax problems. Whether you owe back taxes, have tax liens, business tax issues or you have been notified of an audit that will take place concerning your taxes, we can help you.


There are many ways that our law firm can assist you in reducing your tax debt and settling your income tax obligations to a much lesser amount than you currently owe. To find out if you qualify for tax debt relief, contact our law offices and talk with our Phoenix tax attorneys today for a free consultation. Tax collection efforts by the IRS will only increase increase, and there will be no way to stop it unless you take action. You have rights as a tax payer, we will make sure you understand them and take proper steps to protecting your assets and way of life.


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